Harris Investment Advisors Asset Management Program:
Financial Planning in the Phoenix Metro Area

Low Risk, Competitive Investment Strategies for Long Term Wealth Management

Until now, consumers have been stuck using ordinary retail funds sold to them by stockbrokers and insurance agents, paying high commissions on the latest "hot" fund. Now, thanks to our Managed Asset Program, you can take the same approach to financial planning that institutional investors, pension funds, and endowments use to invest their money — time-tested, proven investment strategies.

Our program's sophisticated design allows you to enjoy three vital benefits backed by meticulous academic research:

Lower Investment Risk

Smart investors know that financial planning isn't merely about earning returns — it's equally about controlling risk. Those who ignore risk do so at their own peril, as those who rushed into tech stocks in the 1990s can attest.

The program is designed first and foremost to manage your investment risks. We do this through extensive diversification — far greater than typical investors are able to obtain on their own. Each portfolio features as many as 19 separate asset classes and market sectors — and each of those typically contain hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of securities through a market-based, not manager-based, investment approach.

The goal is to avoid significant losses and generate consistent returns that are competitive with the overall financial marketplace, so that it's easier for you to achieve your investment goals.

Lower Investment Costs

We use only no-load institutional funds and exchange-traded funds that feature astonishingly low costs. Our financial planning clients typically pay less than 0.4% per year for their investments — a tiny fraction of the 2% to 3% that investors pay for ordinary retail mutual funds. Even after including our management fee, most consumers find themselves saving money. By lowering your costs, our program helps you put more of your money to work for you.

Consistent, Competitive Strategy

Our extensive diversification enables you to share in the returns offered by the broad financial markets. By managing risks and costs across asset classes, your portfolio can be more competitive within the marketplace. This is just one more benefit that can support you in achieving your investment goals. Lower Risks, Lower Costs, and Competitive Strategy. It's a great combination.

Research Behind Our Program

Our investment program is built around decades of in-depth research conducted by some of the nation's foremost economists and financial scholars. Three principles form the core of the program:

  1. Develop highly diversified portfolios
  2. Hold those investments for very long periods
  3. Strategically rebalance as needed

Although this approach is very effective, the strategy traditionally requires massive amounts of money — not a problem for institutions that control billions of dollars, but it's a real challenge for the rest of us.

No more! Thanks to our Managed Asset Program, you can now invest in the same investments used by many of the nation's largest institutional investors — and you don't need millions to do it!

Solid Academic Research is the Key

When developing our program, our partners studied the accumulated research of the world's leading academics in the fields of investments, economics, and behavioral finance. This research clearly shows that you achieve investment success through a solid, long term approach to financial planning: building a highly diversified portfolio across many asset classes, holding it for long periods and engaging in strategic rebalancing.

How Our Managed Asset Program Works

Lower risks, lower investment costs and consistent, competitive returns. Our Managed Asset Program does this through a variety of unique features that are of great benefit to investors like you:

Extensive Diversification

Instead of choosing between stocks and bonds like most investors and fund managers, your portfolio will feature as many as 19 separate asset classes and market sectors. This investment strategy helps manage risks as part of our goal to help you to earn more consistent, competitive returns.

Market-Based Portfolios

We emphasize market-based — not manager-based — investments. This approach provides greater diversification and lower turnover than ordinary retail mutual funds. If you want to learn more about the scandalous practices of the retail mutual fund industry and how those practices harm investors, we recommend Ric Edelman's book, The Lies About Money.

Institutional Mutual Funds and ETFs

Our program gives you access to institutional mutual funds that you can't buy on your own or through ordinary brokerage firms or financial planners. These funds are used by some of the nation's largest institutional investors, putting you alongside many of the biggest and best-run organizations. We also use exchange traded funds (ETF), one of the most advanced investment tools available. Both institutional funds and ETFs are extremely inexpensive — often less than one-tenth of the cost of ordinary retail mutual funds. These savings translate into more of your money working for you.

Strategic Rebalancing through a Daily Rebalancing Review

Even the best-designed portfolio needs attention. Otherwise, a carefully constructed asset allocation will drift due to varying performances of the portfolio's investments. That's why we examine every client's portfolio on a daily basis - to identify opportunities for rebalancing. When we identify the need or opportunity to rebalance, we do so for you automatically. This helps manage your risks and your performance. There is no fee for this service — it's all part of your package: no additional fees and never any commissions.

Dynamic Security Selection

We are constantly reviewing the entire mutual fund universe. Every investment is available to our portfolio manager. If we find an investment that is a superior alternative to those currently held in the portfolio, we can replace it automatically. Our portfolio manager's ability to move with the speed of the financial markets gives you additional confidence in your investments.

Easy-to-Read Statements

You'll receive monthly statements showing you the status of your account. You can also view your account 24/7 via our secure client-only website.

Client-Friendly Fee Schedule

Unlike retail mutual funds, which offer no economies of scale, our fee schedule is based on the value of the account and features a rate that declines as the value of your account increases — providing valuable savings to you. And to top it off, you never pay any commissions, brokerage fees, or trading costs.

David Harris of Harris Investment Advisors works in conjunction with acclaimed financial advisor Ric Edelman

Barron's has seven times (2004–2010) ranked Ric Edelman among America's 100 top financial advisors. davidIn 2009 and 2010, Ric was ranked the #1 independent financial advisor in the nation by Barron's*. In 2004, Ric was inducted into the Financial Advisor Hall of Fame, ranked the #1 advisor in the nation by Research Magazine for his focus on the individual client and ranked #42 on Registered Rep magazines list of “America’s Top 50 Advisors.” Ric Edelman is a best-selling author, national radio Show host and Educator and participates in philanthropic activities.

*Barron’s ranking "Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors" (Aug. 28, 2010 / Aug. 31, 2009) based on the quality of the advisors' practices, including client retention and compliance record, contribution to the firm's profitability, and the volume of assets overseen by the advisors and their teams.

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